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because he is not possible to marry his own son. After Sangkuriang came home from hunting, Dayang Sumbi tried to talk to Sangkuriang, so Sangkuriang canceled their wedding plans. Dayang Sumbi request is not approved Sangkuriang, and only considered the wind only then. Every day Dayang Sumbi thinks how to make their marriage never happen. After thinking hard, finally Dayang Sumbi find the best way. He proposed two conditions to Sangkuriang. If Sangkuriang can meet both these conditions, then Dayang Sumbi want to be a wife, but otherwise if it fails then the wedding will be canceled. The first requirement of Dayang Sumbi wants the Citarum river to be dammed. And the second is, ask Sangkuriang to make a very big boat to cross the river. Both conditions

must be settled before dawn. Sangkuriang undertakes both Dayang Sumbi's request, and promises to finish it before dawn. With his supernatural powers, Sangkuriang then mobilized his friends from the jinn to help complete the task. Secretly, Dayang Sumbi peeking the work of Sangkuriang. How surprised he was, because Sangkuriang almost menyelesaiklan all the conditions given Dayang Sumbi before dawn. Dayang Sumbi then asked the surrounding community for a red silk cloth in the east of the city. When he saw the color of red in the east of the city, Sangkuriang thought that the day was early morning. Sangkuriang immediately stopped his job and felt unable to meet the requirements proposed by Dayang Sumbi. With a sense of annoyance and disappointment,
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aerocity escort(non-registered)
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aerocity escort(non-registered)
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