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Halloween Mini Sessions https://www.michael-a-anderson.com/blog/2012/9/halloween-mini-sessions



20 Minute Sessions... IN STUDIO


October 24th-31st


Happening the ENTIRE week leading up to Halloween

Sessions are only $40


                 Package A :                                            Package B:

                  one(1) 8x10                                          5 Digitial Images

                  two(2) 5x7's



Contact us today to book this unique special edition package!!

Facebook / Michael A Anderson Photography


                  Mike : 704-701-5908 ..email: [email protected]

                  Chelsea 704-701-8039

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Santa Mini Sessions 2012 https://www.michael-a-anderson.com/blog/2012/9/santa-mini-sessions-2012 Santa Mini Sessions 2012


We are please to announce our 2012 Santa Mini Sessions

This year it is a 2 day event!!



Day # 1 is November 18th 2012 , starting at 1pm

Day # 2 is December 8th 2012,  starting at 3pm.


ALL Mini Sessions are 20 minutes long and are $50


PACKAGE A:                                   Package B:                                   Package C:


one(1) 8x10                                       two(2) 8x10's                              15 Christmas Cards

two(2) 5x7's                                      two(2) 5x7's

eight(8) wallets


       Discs are available with all images for an additional $50

       Additional Christmas Cards can be purchased in 20 cards increments at a cost of $50


Don't miss out on this once a year event!!! This years Christmas Sets are being designed by the one and only....Chelish Moore of Chelish Moore Flowers!!!


Contact us today and book YOUR session TODAY!!!


7 Cabarrus Av. West

Concord , NC 28025


 Facebook/ Michael A Anderson Photography


Mike 704-701-5908..........email: [email protected]

Chelsea 704-701-8039

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Kitty City Photography Class https://www.michael-a-anderson.com/blog/2012/8/kitty-city-photography-class   A couple weeks ago I received a call from my longtime neighbor Patsy. She is the owner of Kitty City located in Downtown Concord. Well in the phone call she tells me, she wants me to come in to talk to some a class about how to make their everyday picture taking better. I agreed of course and told we could start at Kitty City and move up to my studio where I could give the kids a tour and do a little photo shoot with them.

  Well that day came today and I must say I had a blast! Great group of kids, great questions an all around good time for all.....



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Headshots...yes....we do headshots...;-) https://www.michael-a-anderson.com/blog/2012/7/headshots-yes-we-do-headshots So the other day, my friend Adam ( Owner of the Speakeasy Alehouse just around the corner from the studio), calls me up and says....Hey do you do headshots. I said absolutely.....but there was only so much I could do for him. Lets just say Adam has a face for radio........soooo anyway he tells me no, no , it's for his dad, Richard. I say oh ....in that case we have no problem at all. See his dad Richard just started his own consulting firm in downtown Concord. I shot his surprise retirement party at the Speakeasy the other week, but Richard can't seem to sit still for long. He plans to keep busy with his new consulting firm, and no reason to see why he shouldn't. So with all that said , my I present Mr. Richard Lewis.... oh and I was just joking about Adam....he's my bro, luv the dude.


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